Avocado Tree Song





You’ve been occupying my lines for way too long

I’ve been trying to write a different kind of song

You and your energy, they keep taking over the melody
Sometimes I fear I must do what I think is wrong

I’d rather be writing about the birds and the bees
I’d rather be singing a song under the avocado tree
Just chillin’ under there with no wonders or cares
Just an open heart and an open mind that I’ve been trying to share

So say your bye byes
We say our goodbyes
We say our bye byes… bye bye bye
Why can't we say goodbye

Some days I wish I were just a simple guy
I'd sip coffee in the morning and in the afternoon just watch the sky
The sunset explodes and the ocean spray grows cold
And those are the only things that will kiss my face as far as you know

But you know better than that
You think you know what’s better for me
Because you are my better half
At least when I’m sleeping

We think we know eachother
But I barely even know myself
Well how can I be your lover
When there is already someone else

So say your bye-byes bye-bye bye-bye
Baby, please say your goodbyes
Say, baby doll, are you listening?
I can't wait until you leave him!

Sweetheart..... bye bye bye bye, etc.)

I’d rather be writing about the birds and the bees
I’d rather be singing songs for the world instead of me
But you make it obvious
Maybe I’m just envious
Too much to move on from a muse
Maybe I should be stronger, I guess

Well if someone catches the feeling that I’ve been feelin’
I will not object to the prospect of what you could be stealin’ from me
Please take it away
The thoughts of her today
‘Cuz these are my wishes
I can’t scratch enough of the itches that this bitch is

So say your bye byes… bye bye bye
Baby, please say your goodbyes
Baby, now are you listening?
I am right until you make me wrong

So good bye
Bye bye
Say good bye
Say good bye bye
Say good bye bye bye bye bye bye

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