Gangsta -Bushwalla ft. Jason Mraz


Time to introduce myself as B-Ill the super chill the kind lady daffodil
straight from Brazil Makin Beats so versatile
I'm a magical. juggle man
my reality a hologram
is it inane or just insane my life is on the brain
with a grip up on the mic yeah we doin it right
Original gangsters unite

It is hard to be a gangster with a basket on your bike

What else can I say I'm a complex form with a cave for a mouth a volcano for a dome
and I'm fit to blow my top ain't no tellin how long
Best guested when you see my two eyes up in the storm
I start to spark detection once seen my dark reflection
you know the world be flexin in my palm
I'm a gangster bearing bike riding bell ringing rhymes to you homes


NO we can not rock like this
hell naw we can not rock like this
a nah nah we can not rock like this
with my boys like this and my girls like this

come on you hep cats give me some rhythms and oooze it out
a tisket a tasket a gangster got a basket ,
on his bicycle drunk swerving through traffic

steadily this girl was rolling next to me
sex apostrophe now I am free cutting lobotomy
verbal directory not forgetting history
or how in fact to be womanly
controlling destiny with me
verbal excaliber
straight to the jugular hug'n run'n and run'n numbers to bob covers
sisters and brothers love life but its hard on a bike

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