Fall Through Glass feat Bushwalla


Though I fall through glass
I am higher than ever
I'm reaching the sky
And I'm holding on

Stop pop shake an ass to this
Now special edition of a fretboard checklist
Living by the funk
Coz they said I stunk
Who laughs now
Oh then she gotta bedunkydunk
Surry is a slide
With an afro beehive
People running hot
When doug is alive
Music's the master
Who rocked the ghetto blaster


Courtesy of lyricshall.com

Dirty little mother gonna rock it on the floor
With a beat like this she couldn't ask for more
Got one booty round from a dog pound
Comin' back from the task of a touchdown
And groovin' I was steaming
Now I'm southbound
Little risk of my fears of a hill town
Like I said I'm just here to lay a verse down


(Trumpet solo)

I am always looking for this
Something but I'm finding nothing
When shall we be released partner
Catch this so I get down mother

[Chorus x2]

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