Good Orderly Direction


All right
Kitchen noises

I can do the impossible
I can breathe under water, babe
I can right the unwrongable
I can taste the untouchable
And if you think that you know me
I’d say that’s unbelievable

I can take blood from a water main
But I can turn that into champagne
I can turn that bubbly into tonic now
(A little gin and tonic)
I can turn that tonic into chronic now
(Going to smoke that chronic, hydrophonic)

And if you think I’m gonna show you how
You’re trippin babe

(Insert snazzy kitchen sink noises)
Watch out, watch out, you’re gonna spill that, watch out, watch out!

I’ll take the piss out of politics
I’ll take the shame out of talkin shit
I’ll take the blame but not all of it
I’ll share my flame but dontcha bogart it
(Take two hits and pass it on)

I do all of that and more of it
And not even break a sweat

Cause I can create the unimaginable
I can fake feelin vulnerable
I can fool the tie and suitables
I can even groove the unmovable
Cause I believe in the power of positive thinking
It’s gonna keep this world from ever sinking

I said turn that sink off goddammit now

(Insert a little tongue-twisting, mouth moving do be do be do action)

So you see so far well I’m all right
Pleasant and awkwardly polite
Watching carefully the comedy
The tick tock moments of the gridlock day
And why I’m singing
About the fact that I’m giving up everything
And giving back to the people that made me want to change
My simple, lazy ways
I’m gonna give you one more phrase to explain myself, that’s why

See I believe in only one thing
I believe in good orderly d-i-r-e-c-t-i-o-n
I’ll spell it again, but only with abbreviation
Easy as a 1,2,3
Spell it backwards it’s a d-o-g
Cause it’s a dog eat dog world
What a life girl
I bet that I can make you my wife girl
Cause I believe in omni possibility

Nothing more than good orderly direction, that’s right
Nothing more than good orderly direction, it’s s’alright
Nothing more than good orderly direction, say that’s what it is
Nothing more than good orderly direction
Nothing more than the chili beef and cheese
Nothing more than good orderly direction
Nothin more than good orderly erections
This process of affection (?)

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