Hero -The Makepeace Brothers

Break the rhythm. It's harder than hell
To be the courage to follow yourself
To declare your name as one and the same
With the whole human race (every face, every place)

That is the noble
That is the wise
That is the human
That is the kind of hero we need

To give peace a chance with all of your worth
To breathe for giving breath back to the earth
Beyond the dream – to throw your own love
Before hard bullets silence the last dove

This is the noble
This is the wise
This is the human
This is the kind of hero we need

Noble. Wise. Human-kind.

Louder than voices, deeper than words
The river is raging with or without this verse
Millions of people are out in the streets
Millions of people refuse to be meek

These are the noble
These are the wise
These are the human
These are the kind of heroes we need

You are the noble
You are the wise
You are the human
You are the kind of hero we need



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