Jesus Bo Beezus (w/ Bushwalla)

this one reminds me of my daddy, in the spring time

behind the tool shed

that's right, it goes like this

pickup trucks and masturbation
brought up on charges from old high school relations (sing it with me)
see there was trixie at the truck stop
she was into domination
she strapped me to my F350
her occupation was my castration
sickle cell anemia and the crust from birthday pizza
was cookin up on the ford dashboard
next to the statue of my lord dear jesus

jesus won't you save us (save us)
from this place (from tempe, woah)
from this place (from this place sing it one time)
jesus won't you take us (take us)
far away (far away)
far away (far away)
far away

oh, backyard boys never never played with toys
makin noise and messy muggy new school polaroids
cocked, by the rivers on the turlte bed
better not shoot me in the head with the billy gun led
back to the day when every say was ??? say
all work is no jerk with all work without pay
you see i play with myself when there's nobody around
cause my imaginary posse they came to get down

jesus won't you take us (take us, come on now)
far away (far away)
far away (far away a sing it one time)
oh, jesus please release us (oh release us)
holiday, celebrate (celebrate)
madonna's grace

see i'm talkin bout madonna your mom
not madonna the bomb
not the queen of the pop song keeping the lights on
the vision of the virgin mary virgin mary mega store
calm ??? that i heard from the lord
i said fear not, baby brother
see you can play with your balls and not get in trouble
you should spit on your hand when you�re blowin hubba bubba
you get super long lasting great flavor on the dubba
bush w what
bush w walla baby i'm about to do, i'm gonna make you holla
would you swallow bushwalla
maybe if i took a shower
it would take about an hour cause i like to feel the power
and pressure of the water breakdown, damn
that shit's insane
beatin on a main vein
flushin all my kids down the drain
still i wonder why you makin fun of last name
m.c.-raz, i gotta backstage pass to the name game
tryin to sustain my life up and up in the fast lane
swag you won't, how my style pertains to that old school rap
chuck, chuck bo buck banana fanna fo fuck
woops mother fucker, i didn't mean to cuss
rick, rick bo bick banana fanna fo fick
sing song sew and a little bitty baby dick
jerry, jerry bo berry banana fanna fo ferry me my mo merry, hamburger mary
quite contrary casue his palms are hairy
you better bewarey of the mother fuckin woops

jesus bo beezus
banana fana
fo feezus
oh jesus please release us
e.t. feeds us reeses pieces
cause he needs us to phone his nieces
usin' eva save-a-lot cause who's the boss we crave a lot
smoke pot, pot, pot...come on now pot, pot, pot...

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