The Woman I Love


Maybe I annoy you with my choices

Well, you annoy me sometimes too with your voice

But that ain't enough for meTo move out and move on

I'm just gonna love you like the woman I love
We don't have to hurry

You can take as long as you want

I'm holdin' steady

My heart's at home

With my hand behind youI will catch you if you fall

Yeah I'm gonna love you like the woman I love
Sometimes the world can make you feel You're not welcome anymore

And you beat yourself up

You let yourself gettin' madAnd in those times when you stop lovin'

That person I adoreYou could relax

Because, babe, I got your backHey
No, I don't mean to change youYou've got it under control

You wake up each day different

Another reason for me to keep holdin' on

I'm not attached to any way you're showing up

I'm just gonna love you like the woman I love

Yeah I'm gonna love you

Yeah I'm gonna love youYou're the woman I love

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